[Tagging] your opinion on a delete/change key

Josh Doe josh at joshdoe.com
Fri Apr 15 21:18:34 BST 2011

I'm not sure if I'd call it delete, maybe something more verbose and
general like "reinspect_date". This would be useful for some highway
construction projects I've added which have given an estimated date of


On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 4:08 PM, Flaimo <flaimo at gmail.com> wrote:
> recently i stumbled across one of my edits i did over a year ago. i
> mapped a new house with building=construction and the area around it
> with landuse=construction. i totally forgot about that, and since
> there don't seem to be any other mappers close by, nobody removed the
> construction tag even though the house has been finished a long time
> ago.
> so i thought, maybe it would be nice to have some tags to handle
> situations like this:
> 1) delete = <ISO datetime>
> elements (node, way, area, relation) tagged with this key could be
> deleted after the date given (as long as they don't share any data
> with other elements)
> 2) delete:<Key> = <ISO date>
> same as the key above, but only deletes the line for the referenced
> key (if it still exists at the time)
> change:<Key> = 2011-04-11T12:22:22;<Value>
> same as delete:<Key>, but instead of deleting the line it would change
> the value for the referenced key. if the key doesn't yes exists or
> doesn't exists anymore, it gets added.
> so in my case i would have added a "delete=2011-01-31T00:00:00" to the
> area tagged with landuse=construction (which was over a bigger
> landuse=residential area) and a
> change:building=2011-01-31T00:00:00;house to the building, which at
> that point was still tagged with building=construction. bots then
> could check the database on a daily basis for those tags and
> delete/change them accordingly.
> what's your opinion on that? if the overall response is positive, i
> could start a proposal for it.
> flaimo
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