[Tagging] New proposal: water=*

crom crom9 at online.de
Sun Apr 17 12:25:57 BST 2011

Hi Nathan,


it might be helpfull, to map spots like that ;)


Yes, it might be better to use separate tags.
(but I don´t like these "yes"-values, like: its a chair:yes etc. )
It looks better with a kind of
type=*, dynamic=intermittent (permanent, tide, ), ... ?
And you can add too the intermittent-times like ="mai to october" ...

On the other hand, an old discussion:
I prefere to use the natural-key for some kind of 
"wilderness"-near-stuff and reflecting_pool or reservoir doesn´t belong 
into that for sure.

And we already have waterway for floating- or running fresh water.
May be supplement this with a "waterpoint" or "waterpond" or something ...?

And the term "way" - its a "street"-concept. That constricts the view to 
the object ...

On the theme of "water", in a land-planning view, you can make the 
differences between
marin, brackish and fresh water and tide affected or not
and than (on the surface)
running waters
standing waters
and supplemented: tidal waters

cheers, crom

btw: how I can post here in a right way? How to make indentions? Where 
is a faq for http://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/tagging

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