[Tagging] difference between cycletrack and cycleway

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2011/4/18 SomeoneElse <lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk>

> I'm not sure that I understand your problem.  Currently when people see
> something they decide what to tag it, based on what other people have used
> in the past and/or what's documented on the wiki - some people are seeing
> things for which they think "foo=bar" is appropriate.  Often the choice of
> tag is very subjective and far from straightforward.  If you haven't been to
> the place that they're mapping, how can you say that they're wrong and
> you're right?
> Are you trying to create a schema into which all of the "foos" of the world
> fit, and impose that on mappers?  If so, OSM may not be the project for that
> - it's strength is very much that mappers can make things up as they go
> along, and tag usage can evolve beyond what a bunch of people at the start
> of the project thought was needed.
> If you're coming at this from a data usage perspective, then regardless of
> how people map going forward there are an awful lot of "cycleway=track" out
> there and you're going to have to either (a) deal with them or (b) do a
> large amount of worldwide surveying and remapping.
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> Andy
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I'm coming from the mappers side, I am mapping for over a year and have
created more than 50.000 nodes. I map on foot, by bike or by car, with
walking papers, OSMtracker for android, OpenGpsTracker, bing images, Popp
maps (which fall under PD) and I tried other things too. But I also use the
data. There is no point in working at the data when you can't use it.

A while ago, I was making a route with http://openrouteservice.org/ and I
saw that it preferred big roads over quiet ones. When I looked closer and
after a lot of thinking, I realised that the data was wrong, or at least

So I ask how we can make this data less ambigue so that routing services can
use it. We should tag for the renderer, we should tag for all data usages.

@Nathan: adding bicycle=no to every big road is not really nice, I like to
follow the KISS principle. But thanks for the "number of intersections"
difference, I never thought about that difference and I will still have to
convince myself.

To conclude: I don't like change for the sake of change, but sometimes,
change has to happen. I wonder if this is a case where we have to change.
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