[Tagging] difference between cycletrack and cycleway

Ben Laenen benlaenen at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 19:07:19 BST 2011

Sander Deryckere wrote:
> This mail is about the different (and incompatible) usages of the tag
> "highway=cycleway"
> [...]
> So the sollution "create a new tag" comes to the mind. I believe this is
> the preferred sollution, but* I ask your input about what the tag would
> be*. We could
>    - create one new tag and leave "highway=cycleway" for the solitaire
>    cycleway (which is the most used type).
>    - or create two new tags for the different ways. This makes it easy to
>    deprecate the old highway=cycleway tag and replace them by new.
> I look forward to all reactions.

We've already solved this in Belgium (and talk-be@ is the better place to 
discuss this since this rule is different in every country):

highway=cycleway is to be used when it is signed with the round blue sign of a 
cycleway, regardless of its location. Most of these will indeed be cycleways 
belonging to a road, but there are a few cycleways on itself in the country 
(even though it's IMHO not the best option according to the traffic code)

for other paths that don't belong to a road where cars can go, use 
highway=path -- and add access tags if there are other traffic signs, like 
vehicle=no + bicycle=yes

A router should detect the highway=cycleway parallel to the road and make use 
of it (probably easier said than done).


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