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On 21/04/2011 16:13, Flaimo wrote:
> created a proposal for amenity=daycare:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/daycare
> more information on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daycare
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I hadn't looked at this proposal, having assumed it addressed day-care 
for the elderly, handicapped, or other adults.

I'm not aware of anyone using the term regularly this way in British 
English. Before reaching school age the places kids go to tend to be one 
of the following Nursery, Pre-school, a child-minder. To my mind these 
are pretty much covered by the amenity=kindergarten tag. I would not 
think there is any mileage in OSM trying to identify childminders. Once 
kids reach school, facilities where they stay before being picked-up by 
their parents will (Imaginatively) be called after-school.

The OSM convention is to use British, *not* American, English. You 
should therefore change this proposal to child_care (as described in the 
wiki page in your link). Particularly as the latter is much less 
ambiguous (the main reason why some American English terms have been 
used in tags e.g. sidewalk/pavement).

I do think that day_care covering facilities for adults under a variety 
of categories (elderly, learning difficulties, health) would be useful, 
but this seems to warrant a different tag. I can immediately think of 
several places locally which I haven't added to OSM for want of a tag.


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