[Tagging] What to map a site of historical significants...

Laurence Penney lorp at lorp.org
Wed Apr 27 19:33:51 BST 2011

Historical event geotagging could rapidly get out of hand. This feels to me very much orthogonal to OSM - almost every news story, photo, work of art, etc arguably deserves a geotag, but hardly any of them deserve to be in OSM. A separate database is where things like this should reside, where a historic or art-themed map UI presents them, perhaps on top of a (faded) standard Mapnik rendering of OSM.

In the case of this picture, I think it would make most sense to add the latlong to its Wikipedia page, then add a Wikipedia layer to your map.

I haven't tried layering general Wikipedia info myself but you may find these links useful:


- L

On 24 Apr 2011, at 03:40, John Smith wrote:

> Does any one have any thoughts on what to tag a location famous for 2
> reasons, first it was a spot where a stage coach was held up by
> thunderbolt, secondly because someone did a painting of the event
> after the event:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bailed_Up
> There is no marker at the site or anything else to identify the site,
> the only thing I can think of is something like
> historic=historical_site, but that seems a bit redundant...
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