[Tagging] Storm drains

Kytömaa Lauri lauri.kytomaa at aalto.fi
Thu Aug 11 16:38:33 BST 2011

osm.tagging at thorsten.engler.id.au wrote:
>I guess nobody has bothered tagging storm drains yet?

While deducing other underground pipelines from markers and
manhole/valve lids, I have occasionally added some nodes with 
manhole=drain, too. Some could do with a, say,  location=kerb
tag if the kerb isn't yet drawn as a way. I believe most of the 
760 uses of manhole=drain so far aren't mine, though. 

>manhole=drain is clearly wrong I would say.

Around here most of the storm drains are identical in
appearance to regular manholes: round, about 60 cm diameter,
flat on the asphalt, with a removable 2-3 cm thick iron lid - the 
lid is just perforated. Seem's there's no picture in the wiki,
so I'll add one once I find one from my mapping photos.

The manhole=* key has been used roughly for any dedicated 
metal cover in the ground and with space underneath - from 
valve covers in the street to district heating pipeline junction
box access manholes to big hatches to (whatever they're hiding).
It's the simplest categorization for anyone a) not working with
them professionally b) non-native english speakers; i.e.
"I see a metal cover on the ground" -> add manhole=*,
and possible refining tags. And it doesn't exclude others tagging
them as man_made=storm_drain :)

Btw. could you/may I upload the photos you linked to a few
messages back to the osm wiki, for illustrating the kerb 
discussion? If they're yours to give.


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