[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Kerb

osm.tagging at thorsten.engler.id.au osm.tagging at thorsten.engler.id.au
Fri Aug 12 01:55:44 BST 2011

>> I assume that if I have a way that runs along the physical location of
the kerb 
>> (e.g. because it's a closed way or part of a multi-poly that's used to
define a 
>> landuse area) I could tag that way with kerb= to indicate the type of

> I believe that to be an acceptable method. However where footways/paths
cross the kerb, 
> you should also add a kerb=* tag to the intersection node, because it's
asking a lot of 
> data consumers to check every intersecting way for the kerb=* tag.
Tagging the nodes makes perfect sense in this case and was already in the
kerb proposal, so that goes pretty much without saying.

I've been thinking a bit more about tagging ways. In my case, I mostly have
ways along the physical location of the kerb as I use them as the border of
landuse areas, but should it also be allowed to tag them on highway=* ways?

The assumption would be that if a way has both the highway and the kerb tag
that the way does not represent the physical location of the kerb, but the
kerb is at the outer edge (exact location given implicitly by the width tag
on the highway, undetermined if not present) of the highway.

In this case, kerb:left=* and kerb:right=* should be allowed if the kerb is
different on the 2 sides of the highway.


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