[Tagging] Another sidewalk question

Johan Jönsson johan.j at goteborg.cc
Sat Aug 27 09:22:45 BST 2011

Nathan Edgars II <neroute2 at ...> writes:

> There's a piece of road here that recently got a sidewalk on the west 
> side. But they didn't include a couple pieces where there's extra 
> pavement on the side with diagonal lines to keep vehicles off. This is 
> obviously meant as part of the sidewalk, but it's technically not one. 
> How should it be tagged?
I would not tag the white and black-striped area of the road as a sidewalk.
Whoever invented the black-white striping probably did not intend it to be a
designated pedestrian area, more something of a no drive zone, probably some
kind of safety issue concerning the joining roads.
/Johan Jönsson, Sweden-do not know anything about american sidewalks, really.

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