[Tagging] proposed routes, state-tag

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 11:29:07 GMT 2011

2011/12/2 Paul Johnson <baloo at ursamundi.org>:
> Are you sure you're not getting route and way tagging confused here?
> What's wrong with the state=proposed tag on relations already in
> widespread use (by both taggers and data consumers)?

Maybe I was exaggerating. Generally I don't see a big difference
between routes and ways, and tags that change the overall meaning of
other tags significantly should be avoided in favour of more
fail-proof solutions. If a tag states that there is a route on the
ground (route=bicycle) then there shouldn't be another tag
state=proposed (or say abandoned=yes) that if set says: no there isn't
actually, there might be a route in a while (maybe) or there has been
a route in the past which isn't there any more.

On the other hand I can follow your arguments: maybe this is not the
best way to denote this, but it is already in widespread use, current
applications are already aware of it, and routes are special interest
tags so most applications won't evaluate them anyway.

Currently there is 1344 relations tagged with state and 147124
relations tagged with type=route (no wonder, as there is no state-tag
proposed to tag a "normal" route). According to the routes page there
is 4 core values: proposed / alternate / temporary / connection, but I
couldn't find a definition what state=alternate might mean. Does
anyone know a definition for this?


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