[Tagging] power=tower enhancement

LM_1 flukas.robot+osm at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 11:16:31 GMT 2011

tower:riser=yes seems good and in need it could be enhanced with yes
being replaced by power, telecommunication etc. For basic processing
it is simple (any value but "no" means some sort of riser) if more
precise info is needed, the information is there.

2011/12/14 Владимир Поквалитов <pvm at isnet.ru>:
>> I'd suggest to use
>> power:riser=yes instead of riser=power (to remain compatible if we
>> should decide to map telco lines as well in the future, so we could
>> use telecommunication:riser for those).
> I'd suggest to use "tower:riser=yes" (or "tower:riser=*"). So we can
> use the same tag not only for power towers but for any (i.e.
> communication) tower that a risers.
> power=tower, man_made=tower do fit well with the "power:" namespace
> because they explain the "tower" value of any root tag.
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