[Tagging] historic tagging - graves, tombs

M∡rtin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 12:57:52 GMT 2011

2011/2/1 Chris Hill <osm at raggedred.net>:
>> What do you say about the wording? Would tomb or grave be suited better?
> A grave tends to be a hole dug in the ground to bury one or more bodies, a
> tomb is more of a structure, so they are not mutually exclusive.
> I would group pyramid, mausoleum, tumulus, dolmen and crypt as a tomb

I see. I think that's the one I am after. I have addional complexity
as in some tumuli there is several graves (not sure if they are
graves, they are not dug into the earth but constructed chambers),
with separate entrances, and known under different names (one for the
tumulus and one for each burial place).

> grave=cenotaph doesn't feel right to me, usually there is not an actual
> burial there, it is more of a monument. historic=monument,monument=cenotaph
> seems better to me.

yes, it's not a place where actually a dead body was put, it is like
an "empty grave", though with similar appearance to a real grave. I
don't need this at the moment, so I suggest to keep it out from
grave/tomb (or better document your suggestion in monument).

> I am interested because I am working on a project for the Imperial War
> Museum improving the data held for memorials including war memorials,
> cenotaphs, grave memorials, street shrines, rolls of honour, church
> memorials such as windows etc. We are working on the memorials for 1914-19
> war at present. Most of these are historic=memorial to me, but
> historic=grave is interesting.

OK, according to your comment I should better suggest historic=tomb to
tag bigger structures, right? For single graves we could have
historic=grave which would mark the actual place where a person is
buried. For bigger structures (collections=field of tombs/graves,
distinct part of a cemetary) there could be another tag (maybe what
you are after if tagging memorials like 1914-19). I also need this for
the whole structure (in my case it's several Etruscan necropoli). Not
sure if tagging these places like a cemetary would be appropriate. I
remember from Cairo Egypt that people were actually living inside the
ancient necropolis, so tagging them like an actual cemetary would be


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