[Tagging] historic tagging, obelisks

Craig Wallace craigw84 at fastmail.fm
Tue Feb 1 14:14:32 GMT 2011

On 01/02/2011 13:35, M∡rtin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> 2011/2/1 Craig Wallace<craigw84 at fastmail.fm>:
>> As that Wikipedia article says, its just a particular style/shape of
>> monument or memorial.
>> So I think it would be best tagged as historic=monument or
>> historic=memorial, plus a subtag for obelisk.
>> Maybe something like monument:style=obelisk ?
> This could be a way, but I am not yet convinced. Churches, temples and
> towers are also monuments, but we don't tag them currently as subtypes
> of monument. Indeed the tag historic=monument is very vague and
> therefor not very useful IMHO.

I don't think churches / temples are really monuments, at least that's 
not their primary purpose. That purpose is to provide a place of 
worship. I think a tower can be a monument (and tagged as such), if that 
is why it was built.

>> There's quite a few other monument/memorial styles that would be useful to
>> tag, eg statue, fountain, spire etc.
> Can you expand on the difference between memorial and monument? AFAIK
> a monument states that an object is "monumental" = big, bigger then
> human scale. Memorial is instead referring to a structure errected to
> remind about someone/something. In OSM they are exclusive (you cannot
> use both). I have the feeling that these 2 tags are broken by design,
> but they are very useful, because beeing so generic you can use them
> for lots of stuff ;-)

I think both monument and memorial are (usually) for structures in 
memory of something.
The difference is more about the relative importance - ie if its the 
most important one in the country, and famous etc, then its a monument. 
If its just for a fairly local event or single person, then its a memorial.
So not so much about the physical size, though monuments are usually 
bigger than memorials.

Though its true that this is poorly defined, its not always clear 
whether to tag something as a monument or memorial.

> Maybe it would be better to use them as flags? Describe the features
> with some tags, and add monument=yes (for monumental stuff) or
> memorial=yes (for stuff to remind about something). It could also be
> memorial=first_world_war (or memorial:topic=first_world_war)

I think its best to have one generic tag, for any structure in memory of 
something/someone, eg historic=memorial.
Then use extra tags to specify what it is in memory of 
(memorial:topic=), plus the physical style (statue, obelisk). Maybe also 
a tag for the relative importance/significance, eg is it just a village 
memorial, or is it of national importance.


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