[Tagging] Telephone MDF (was: Pls explain?)

Andreas Labres list at lab.at
Sat Feb 12 17:24:36 GMT 2011

On 11.02.11 13:40, Steve Bennett wrote:
> And, slightly more seriously, man_made=MDF - what's that about?

There is a German description for this:


MDF = Main Distribution Frame (they are called "Hauptverteiler" ["HV"] in
German, in Germany as well as in Austria, btw).

But this leads me to the more general question: how should pstn (and often dsl)
switching exchanges*) be tagged? Here in AT they look like this
http://entbuendelt.at/gallery/?id=N930 or sometimes like that
http://entbuendelt.at/gallery/?id=N993 and there are special dsl street cabinets
that look like this http://entbuendelt.at/gallery/?id=W903 ?

*) if this is the correct term at all?


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