[Tagging] How to tag pipestems (shared driveways)

Steve Bennett stevagewp at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 06:27:19 GMT 2011

> Perhaps I could use highway=service, service=driveway, and
> driveway=pipestem? Suggestions are welcome!

>Creating a new tag here seems like overkill to me.

>I know taxonomies are fun, but don't see how "pipestem" adds much information.

>the distinction between the two are very important for my

The proposal seems exactly right, given these factors. For people who
don't care about the distinction, highway=service, service=driveway
will do fine. For those that do, add the extra information. This sort
of tagging should be encouraged, rather than what is normally
proposed, something like highway=service, service=pipestem.


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