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On 01/01/2011 13:08, Ed Hillsman wrote:
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> >/  Any suggestions how to tag this?
> />/  http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:IMG_7491.JPG/
> If the "lane" is too narrow to function safely as a bike lane, then I would break the street way at this point, code the portion of the way that has the functional bike lane as cycleway=lane (if this is not a dual carriageway then use cycleway:left/right as apporopriate), and add a note tag that the bike lane going beyond is too narrow to serve as a bike lane. If the bike lane widens some distance after the restriction, then break the way again and tag that section with cycleway=lane again, leaving the non-functional stretch without a cycleway tag. My experience is that people who ride bikes on busy streets (which this one seems to be) don't like surprises, so showing a gap lets them know that something requires attention at that point. I think we will see routing software in the very near future that will list note tags.
> Ed Hillsman

Well, if it's the width that Anthony is concerned about:

  1. I wouldn't class this as too narrow for a bike lane. Single file, 
yes, but still wide enough to cycle.

2. Use width=*

Is the adjacent path shared? if so, note that that would be the safer 

Dave F.
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