[Tagging] Why addr:state rather than is_in:state? (response to 2010-12-26 05:29:46)

Robert Elsenaar robert at elsenaar.info
Sat Jan 1 18:30:19 GMT 2011

Sorry for this little off-topic remark.
In my remark "addr" is the main tag or main key. "state" is the sub tag or 
sub key. The symbol ":" indicates that "state" is telling something about 
I was wandering why this way of defining some objects in more detail is not 
a more common method and only used in some specific keys like 'addr".


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From: Serge Wroclawski
Sent: Friday, December 31, 2010 2:07 PM
To: Tag discussion, strategy and related tools
Subject: Re: [Tagging] Why addr:state rather than is_in:state? (response to 
2010-12-26 05:29:46)

On Fri, Dec 31, 2010 at 7:57 AM, Robert Elsenaar <robert at elsenaar.info> 
> Totally agree. More over, every time you use the symbol ":" in your tag, 
> you
> mean that the subtag is telling something more specific about the maintag
> thats in front of it.

I have no idea what "subtag" and "maintag" are, but the symbol tag
shouldn't be there.

- Serge

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