[Tagging] Ultimate list of approved keys

Ralf Kleineisel ralf at kleineisel.de
Sun Jan 2 21:30:29 GMT 2011

On 01/02/2011 07:52 PM, Colin Smale wrote:
> On 02/01/2011 19:24, Ralf Kleineisel wrote:

>> I prefer this over being told what I may map and what not.
> Does that not depend on whether you are working for yourself, or as a
> part of a cooperative project? Do you not care whether others can use
> what you store?

Sure I do. And I try my best to use accepted tags, too, because that's
the only way for things to show up on the map. And because these tags do
make sense most of the time.

But I do not want someone telling me "this is not relevant enough" and
having the right to delete my edits.

> If you are simply working for yourself, please use your
> own database. If you are happy to share with millions of others, please
> acknowledge that there must be a certain level of governance to stop OSM
> resembling a landfill site.

A cooperative governance, yes. Discussing things, but being permissive.
Not a dictatorship of a few admins. I would hate to see OSM go the same
way as wikipedia did where a bunch of self-declared supermen tell
evryone what to write and what not.

> Currently there is little governance within OSM. This situation cannot
> persist much longer or the whole project will implode.

This is your opinion.

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