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Paul Johnson baloo at ursamundi.org
Tue Jan 4 08:22:07 GMT 2011

On 01/03/2011 08:11 AM, Dave F. wrote:
> On 03/01/2011 03:50, Paul Johnson wrote:
>> On 01/01/2011 07:54 AM, Dave F. wrote:
>>> Is the adjacent path shared? if so, note that that would be the safer
>>> passage.
>> Most states prohibit bicycles from sidewalks, or limit their speed to a
>> walking speed on sidewalks, making them useless for bicyclists.
> Really? Is that US thing? Do they have signs? What about joggers & runners?

It's not posted, but it is codified as such in state law.  Oregon
expressly limits bicycles to walking speed on sidewalks, all states
consider bicycles as vehicles that must obey vehicle law as applicable
(including not driving on sidewalks, which makes the whole "walking
speed" thing moot in Oregon anyway).

BC similarly prohibits vehicles on sidewalks including bicycles.

In all cases, of course, driveways are fair game, as are places where
there is signage indicating the opposite.

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