[Tagging] Differences in cycleways

Peter peter at haas-en-berg.nl
Wed Jan 5 18:39:38 GMT 2011

cycleway=track is used when there is a cycle path paralell to a road.
But it is esentially the same as tagging the cycleway as a seperate
way with highway=cycleway.

See also: "A track is a cycle path that is separated from cars
(commonly referred to as a "bike path", "greenway", or "Class 1
facility" in the United States). The value track is redundant when
used on highway=cycleway (or equally on highway=path). When used on a
different highway type (e.g. highway=secondary) it indicates that
there is a separate cycle path adjacent to the road."

2011/1/5 Robert Elsenaar <robert at elsenaar.info>:
> Looking on tags for cycleways I find 3 different types:
> highway=cycleway: obvious these are free ways like here
> (http://maps.google.nl/maps?hl=nl&ie=UTF8&ll=51.810446,5.173895&spn=0.00589,0.021136&z=16&layer=c&cbll=51.810477,5.173954&panoid=AELkS3h8zmUs821tPi1K-w&cbp=12,36.33,,0,6.46)
> cycleway=lane: obvious a part of the carway mostly indicated by picture on
> the street or with a other colour.
> (http://maps.google.nl/maps?hl=nl&ie=UTF8&ll=52.26387,5.612104&spn=0.002915,0.010568&z=17&layer=c&cbll=52.263947,5.612153&panoid=thvZenaicJdRuC6vD3hZuA&cbp=12,31.36,,0,1.63)
> But ...... now there is a problem.
> cycleway=track
> =============
> Who can give me examples on Google street view of what we have to concider
> to be cycleway-tracks?
> -Robert-
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