[Tagging] Differences in cycleways

Georg Feddern osm at bavarianmallet.de
Sat Jan 8 16:00:33 GMT 2011

Robert Elsenaar schrieb:
> Peter wrote:
> If you tag it as cycleway:both=track, it's more clear.
> Yes you are right. But implicite we have accepted several default in 
> our tags.

That's right.
But the problem is, that already hundreds or thousands of cycleway=track 
tagged yet - but in reality they are single-side.
That's the eternal problem, if a tagging is refined lately ... or 
previous used too early.
So you might know, that you implicite mean both, if you tag it now.
But any user doesn't know, if you really meant that - or if you didn't 
care about the late refine of left, right, both - because the tagging 
was already done much earlier.


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