[Tagging] Differences in cycleways

Robert Elsenaar robert at elsenaar.info
Sat Jan 8 18:47:39 GMT 2011

Drawing seperated ways is a workaround for a “Not yet solvable” problem. By drawing a second way, what’s not there, is implicitely wrong. There is NO SECOND WAY so try not to draw it then. 
And yes I admit, I do use often the “second way solution” to solve complex situations or situations were I’m geografically forced to. In a lot of situations cycleway=track is either a less bad option.

cycleway=track should be re-initiated where possble and not avoided.


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On Sat, Jan 8, 2011 at 3:47 PM, Peter Wendorff <wendorff at uni-paderborn.de> wrote:

  Please keep in mind, that with this in mind, cycleway:both=track is more precise as cycleway=track could be due to another interpretation of the local mapper.

It's not more precise. Interpretation of tags is documented on the wiki and nowhere it is writen that we need a suffix ":both" by default. If you want to be more precise, then draw a separate way and tag it highway=cycleway. Then you add some topographic information which is, after all, the aim of osm.


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