[Tagging] outdoor nature bath

Johan Jönsson johan.j at goteborg.cc
Sun Jan 9 14:48:32 GMT 2011

I have been thinking on how to tag an places where one can go to take a bath.
In the summer there are designated areas at the sea, lakes and rivers to bath
at. Some organized and some simply a natural good spot for a bath. 
In the winter there are indoor or heated pools of different kind. And old-school
bathing houses, hamams and such.
Some just simply add sport=swimming to an appropriate physical tag: 
camping_site, beach, lake, river, park, pier outdoors and building,
sports_centre indoors.

How about one tag for all of these places: 


With a bathing person as a symbol: 

That is a head and shoulders rising above the waves, not a swimmer.

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