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Alan Mintz Alan_Mintz+OSM at Earthlink.Net
Tue Jan 11 00:28:40 GMT 2011

I wrote:
>At 2011-01-07 02:19, Ulf Lamping wrote:
>>Am 07.01.2011 03:26, schrieb Alan Mintz:
>>>I can't find a tag for the base of operations of a towing service - i.e.
>>>you call them to tow your broken car or truck to a repair shop. The
>>>basic definition would be a service that tows cars and other "light"
>>>vehicles. Truck and other heavy vehicle towing would be a separate
>>>option. I propose:
>>>shop=towing [+ hgv=yes]
>>For me, a shop would be to get in, buy something (or at least get some 
>>service done) and go out. That's not the case here. A towing service will 
>>get to your place to do something, much like the office of a plumber 
>>(which in most cases also wouldn't "qualify" for a shop).
>>You might even won't be allowed to enter the area.
>Agreed. So other than "don't tag it", can someone suggest what such a 
>place should be tagged? Really, it's like any other sort of service-based 
>business or office of some other kind of non-retail business.

I wrote this before I realized there were other replies on this topic. 
Based on them, it seems the closest fit is office=towing, since that's what 
such a place is primarily used for - accounting, answering the phone, etc.

I'll use and document this if there is no significant opposition.

Alan Mintz <Alan_Mintz+OSM at Earthlink.net>

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