[Tagging] Main tags, values and sub tags

Robert Elsenaar robert at elsenaar.info
Thu Jan 13 20:09:01 GMT 2011

Since I updated the Dutch Feature Page I analyzed the tagging system and found out a typically evolution in the way OSM is tagging map objects.

1) <Key>=<Value>: Simple tagging system. Every new Tag has to be created. Every Tag and every value has to be documented. You vcan not be creative in making new combinations.

2) <Key>=<Value>, <Key> : <Sub key> = <Value>: Advanced tagging system. Besides the old fashion Key=value tags different Sub Keys are approved. Those subkeys are Telling something about the value of the main tag.
In our feature list a lot of sub keys already defined, mostly unknowing it was in fact a subkey.

- Main Key’s: Highway, waterway, Historic, Traffic_calming, shop
- Sub key: maxspeed, right, left, surface, width

In advanced tagging there is a specific difference between main and sub tags and therefor can solve problems like:
- Telling something about the right and left lane of the road.
- Telling something about night and day time access rules.

These are just two examples.

By introducing Advanced Tagging more different element of the object is possible.

Please who likes to reflect on this rough idea?

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