[Tagging] Tidal inlets / creeks

charlie at cferrero.net charlie at cferrero.net
Tue Jan 18 12:44:01 GMT 2011

Afternoon all,

Access to Bing imagery has vastly increased the quality of information  
available for landuse in the UAE.  There are major tracts of saltmarsh  
and mangrove wetland, e.g. here:
(in Mapnik the coastline hasn't updated so it looks like solid land,  
but check out Osmarender or Bing to see a better picture).

It would be nice to be able to map the tidal waterways that run in  
between the mangroves and saltmarshes - particularly the manmade ones  
that have been explicitly cleared to allow marine vessels.   
Unfortunately I can't see any way of tagging a waterway that does not  
imply freshwater.  Ideally we'd have a waterway=tidal_creek or  
something like that but this doesn't seem to be in use at all.

waterway=canal might, at a stretch, work for the manmade channels, but  
not for the natural ones.

Finally, is there a way of tagging saltwater lakes (i.e. lagoons)?   
natural=water, water=saltwater?

Any suggestions?


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