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2011/1/21 M∡rtin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>

> By looking at the wiki and taginfo, as well as some data as Cardiff /
> Wales, it doesn't seem clear which way capitals should be tagged / are
> currently tagged.
> There is proposals to use capital=yes together with admin_level on a
> node, there is the idea to tag capital=2 (according to admin_level but
> incorporated in the capital key), and there are several relations
> proposed.
> Looking at the data it seems clear that a national capital should be tagged
> capital=yes
> Regional capitals are mostly not tagged at all with a capital key. I
> suggest to keep capital=yes for national capitals and use e.g.
> capital=4 for the capital of an admin_level=4 area. This would keep
> consistency in our data and allow at the same time for simple
> evaluation.
> What do you think?

I see a potential problem. Let's say there's a large admin level (say, the
country) whose capital is *not* the capital of a lesser admin level it is
in. I'm not sure this actually happens anywhere, as usually, for example,
Rome is the capital of Italy, Regione Lazio and Provincia di Roma (and of
course the capital of the Comune di Roma).

Let's say, though, that city A and city B are both in the province P
(admin_level=6), part of region R (admin_level=4), and that A is the
regional capital for R, but the capital of province P is instead B. Using
capital=4 on A could be ambiguous: does this mean that A is a capital only
for the admin_level=4 it lies in, or that it is the capital for any admin
level less than or equal to 4? In the second case it would be wrong. But in
the first case, the common situation where the capitals are the same would
have to be trated with multiple values (for example Rome would be
capital=2,4,6,8; Torino would be capital=4,6,8).

> Martin


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