[Tagging] tagging capitals

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 21 14:38:29 GMT 2011

> OK, but where is the problem? You would tag Amsterdam with capital=yes
> and Haarlem with capital=4. If you wanted to know which is the capital

No problem, actually. I should have answered Simone directly, when he asked:

>> I see a potential problem. Let's say there's a large admin level (say,
>> the country) whose capital is *not* the capital of a lesser admin level
>> it is in. I'm not sure this actually happens anywhere [...]

I was relaying an actual case of this.

> of Noord-Holland, you would look for a settlement with capital=4
> within its boundaries (or look it up in the relation if any).

And when this tag would be absent, but Amsterdam does have capital=yes,
does it then mean that I should think Amsterdam is the provincial capital?

And what about the Seat of Government. Do we record that anywhere? This
isn't always located in the country capital either.


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