[Tagging] tagging capitals

Steve Bennett stevagewp at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 08:17:27 GMT 2011

On 22/01/2011 1:38 AM, Lennard wrote:
> And what about the Seat of Government. Do we record that anywhere? This
> isn't always located in the country capital either.
IMHO this discussion is a bit off base. OSM should not be a database of 
general facts about the world - there are much better places for that 
(see dbpedia, for one). We should store basic information that is likely 
to be useful to a renderer (capitals tend to get rendered differently 
from other cities), and leave it at that.

So, this suggestion:


...is good. And a role relation for the city to its 
province/state/country would be handy, too.


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