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Sun Jun 5 13:31:46 BST 2011

Normally you should start a proposal. I think you can immediately start with
the voting stadium since there is not much to discuss about these tags.
There are just an extension to the current schema and are perfectly
backwards compatible.

If you created the proposal. Do send a mail to this list with as subject
"[VOTING] emergency=alarm", this is the official way to start a voting
procedure and make the tag valid. After the voting, it should be added to
the wiki.

Adding it directly to the wiki is not advisable since it's not used yet.


2011/6/5 Seth Golub <seth at sethoscope.net>

> Thanks for your help.
> Sorry, that photo did not give a clear story.  Many of these boxes just
> have a switch that calls the fire department.  No phone of any kind.
>  http://www.flickr.com/photos/csaulit/5236469068/
> Some also have a locked phone that is accessible only to police.  This must
> have been handy before they all carried radios, but it's hard to imagine
> anyone using one now.  (At least, they say they contain for-police-only
> phones, but I've never seen one open.)
>  http://www.flickr.com/photos/ohciel/4661360495/
> The inaccessible police phone are interesting from a historical
> perspective, but are not useful.  (Maybe include a note, but not a phone
> tag...)  As far as emergency devices go, it's all about the fire alarm
> switch.
> So I guess I will use
>  emergency=alarm
> and perhaps also
>  operator=SF Fire Department
> Would it be appropriate to add something to the wiki?  Proposed feature?
>  Added to the list in Key:emergency?
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