[Tagging] access=avoid

Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 00:48:11 BST 2011

a dangerousness scale for bikers has been many times discussed in my 
country. The problem is that even outside OSM itself, there is no real 
standard and many local initiatives (at municipalities level) do not 
have a common agreement about such scale. But it is clear for me that 
access=avoid is a mistake and should be replaced by the legal access 
value. If it is not clear in the wiki doc, then improve the wiki doc.
> Pieren
What kind of dangerous situations? The exact inability to put that into 
a scale (and that of some other important values of a way/street) has 
lead to class:bicycle and other subjective tags.

I do agree, I would like to have a classification for exposure and other 
alpine dangers. I do hope that given good examples, a numerical scale 
(so JOSM and other editors don't fuck it up with getting users to enter 
it without understanding the scale) and maybe 2-3 tags could be doable.

Especially as right now many exposed ways get graded far too difficult 
(both on sac_scale as also less often on the mtb:scale) and both scales 
do not take exposure and other dangers (e.g. avalanche danger 
(mud/snow/slab/, loose rocks that force you to carry helmets, .....) 
into account but actually exclude them and thereby for a fair 
interpretation of an alpine way/route rely on having this info added as 


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