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Josh Doe josh at joshdoe.com
Thu Jun 23 05:27:42 BST 2011

On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 4:14 PM, M∡rtin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com
> wrote:

> what about introducing a kerb:height ? Implying heights from values
> like "yes", "raised", "normal" will probably not be very reliable or
> stable as this might vary from country to country and also in
> different cities/neighbourhoods.

That could be an option, though there is more to a kerb than just it's
height, but also it's design. To really capture the detail you'd need the
height of the start of the (sloped) kerb above the roadway, the final height
(at the sidewalk), and the run. From this you can get the slope, (rise over
run). I think the wheelchair routing project tried/tries to capture this
sort of detail, but it's far too detailed for most mappers.

So even if you tag the height with kerb:height=15 cm, this doesn't tell you
whether it's wheelchair accessible or not. If it's a hard edge (right angle)
then it's definitely not, but if it's sloped over a distance then it may be
accessible. Point is you can't tell from height alone, but need to at least
know about the design of the kerb.

I think it's better to focus on functional characteristics, i.e.
wheelchair/bicycle accessible or suitable for buses or a warning to the
blind (flush kerbs).

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