[Tagging] landuse:illegal and illegal:yes/no

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Tue Mar 8 19:49:05 GMT 2011

There are some remarks I have to that proposal:
What is the purpose, why we should want these places at the map?
Either they are temporary as you describe - because there is an 
organization or something like that working on it's removal,
or it's a hint for people to do illegal waste deposit (hey - at X there 
already is lot of waste - nobody will fool me, if I add my own).
I don't think it will ever be used by people waiting for some hours of work.

You mention the "good people" for avoiding these places - but most often 
the "good people" will go to clean places and do the same there again, 
or destroying nature. Additionally avoiding these places leads to lesser 
motivation to remove the stuff. If tourists use "fresh" clean ways 
across the bushes, the tourism office does not need to clean up the 
other places - nobody cares any more.
You mention the good people who are trying to clean them up - but that's 
more the purpose of a special map with a OSB-like interface to report 
waste disposals to these "good people".

landuse=illegal is a hard decision, too:
Does a slum, where the houses are build without permission fit into 
landuse=illegal? I fear, that's an example where it is not the opposite, 
and if I search for somebody living in a slum, it could be useful to 
find the houses and streets at the normal map, too.
Even if there is no "official" street name, perhaps there are inofficial 
ones - and at least there are "streets" in the sense of a linear free 
area between rows of buildings.
Slums sometimes are legalize years afterwards without any change of the 
facts on the ground - but now they should be rendered on the map?


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