[Tagging] propose/help to rename a key -

crom9 at online.de crom9 at online.de
Fri Mar 11 16:15:32 GMT 2011

cause is this contribution: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Tag:boundary%3Dprotected_area#Misleading_tag_names ("protect_id is misleading ... The ID is a tool to find an unique area ..."). 

What do you think: would it be meaningful to 
rename the key protect_id to protect_class (or -type)?

On a first abstractation: Affected are about 2 773 keys worldwide with 577 different values (http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=11503).
Therefrom some are 4- and 5-digit and some are itemizations.
- they should be leave
1394 times protection_id and
- wrong use or some owe values, thats to check
2385 times protection_title.
- that should be a name string, no ID or class, so to leave
And there is 34095 times protected. 
- doesn´t belong from my point of view in this case.

I would change 
all "protect_id" with the values 1 to 99 into "protect_class" 
"protection_id" with the values 1 to 99 (after a check) into "protect_class"
- may be in about ten days?

Does anybody have futher suggestions on this protected_area-page to update in this run?

The contribution-users missed ID-key was been declared with a key  "protection_code". These has to be decorate with a ref: 
- protection_code=NSG WE 237
- protection_code_source=EUR27 ...
to new
- ref:protection_id=NSG WE 237
- protection_id_source=EUR27 ...

anybody with further suggestions?

For these update, I would download a data.osm of the key protected_area (>60MB?), change relating keys in an editor and ... upload data.osm with JOSM again - may be cut into some smaller files for uploading? 
If there is an old hand, because I never did somthing "big" like that, we can gladly work together ...

thanks for answers, cheers, crom

btw.: how to read this downloaded 2011-March.txt-file. I just see somthing like "´&¬Å@UC›¯ƒ¡ ...." or "##ìÉÌ$Ó“(Tíó¾×"

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