[Tagging] propose/help to rename a key -

crom crom9 at online.de
Mon Mar 21 16:14:46 GMT 2011

thank you for your comment
> ...
> It's more clear now, what THE PROPOSAL wants to say with the 
> protect_class key - but I don't see the measurable scale in this key. 
> Therefore I don't see the benefit of hiding information in numbers 
> instead of tagging 
> protect_class=nature_reserve|nature_park|conservation_park|.... or 
> something like that.
on my view, just thats the point of this concept: to merge all these 
possible strings in values/cluster/.., which can be rendered easily?
"In order to allow the use of familiar country-specific 
conservation-categories, the multiplicity of "nomenclatures" was 
assigned to a few number of IDs ("protect_class") - it might looks more 
friendly to join an abstract code (simple number) with my local name, 
than a foreign name."

regards, crom
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