[Tagging] propose/help to rename a key -

crom crom9 at online.de
Mon Mar 21 17:41:11 GMT 2011

Hi Peter,
> ... A value for feature (or class) A should not be identical to the 
> meaning of another class B in any local language.
protect_class is an ordersystem for an easy handling (mapping & render).
why should similar managed naturereverves not run with the same value - 
on this "order-level"?
did I got it?
sorry, you have an example? where it is like that? where you see a problem?

> But to use foreign names IMHO is more natural than to encode it in 
> numbers. 
in the real live. in this case, we are dealing in any digital, abstract 
You want to give the protect_class=4 a chinese string?
isn´t it a matter of  taste?

and you think, this scheme doesn´t work / - will make problems?

regards, crom

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