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* M∡rtin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> [2011-03-21 18:03 +0100]:
> The main purpose of detailing sidewalks is IMHO to be able to add
> further details, which might be interesting for the users of the
> sidewalk.

I think that one very good reason for adding sidewalks is simply to allow
better routing for foot traffic.  A great many sidewalks run parallel to
roads without any complicating obstacles or barriers; for those, not only
is this proposal completely sufficient, but it is gives mappers a very
simple way to map them.

> All of these details are not possible to enter following this
> proposal. As soon as you tried to enter more detail (using complicated
> tags like sidewalk:width:right=0.7m) you will have to split the
> street-highway even if it is not concerned itself, because of surface
> changes or width changes on one of the sidewalks.

I would not support this proposal to the *exclusion* of mapping separate
ways.  Rather, I would support this proposal as the simplest way to add
sidewalk data with the understanding that if a mapper wishes to add
further detail to the sidewalks that they do it via the separate-ways
method.  But I think that a simple tagging approach that covers a great
number of common cases is worth using.

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