[Tagging] Retaking the discussion on ATMs

Noel David Torres Taño envite at rolamasao.org
Tue Mar 29 13:06:42 BST 2011

Hello all:

** setting

It has been retaken in the spanish list the discussion about how to tag ATMs.

Important things user need to know: Which bank (like Banco Popular), which 
network (like Servired)

Not so important things user can use: name (ATM proper name, can be mall name 
or street name), fee (if fixed), associated networks whose cards you can use 
(like Visa or Cirrus).

How to tag each of them?

** example use cases

UC1: I have a non-german Mastercard card and I'm in Germany. Where is an ATM 
on which I can withdraw money with my card?

UC2: I have a BBVA (Servired) card and I'm in Spain. Where is an ATM on which 
I can fully operate, that is, a BBVA ATM?

UC3: Same setting. Where is an ATM on which I can withdraw money with my card, 
with minimun fee, that is, a Servired (either BBVA or not) ATM?

** proposed tags

brand (non-wiki)
drive_through (wiki)
fee (wiki)
name (wiki)
network (non-wiki)
operator (wiki)


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