[Tagging] parking spaces limited to cars (no busses, trucks, etc.)

Sebastian Hohmann mail at s-hohmann.de
Sun May 1 12:12:20 BST 2011

Am 01.05.2011 01:30, schrieb David Murn:
> On Sat, 2011-04-30 at 17:08 +0200, Sebastian Hohmann wrote:
>> But don't forget bicycle=yes, foot=yes, horse=yes, skating=yes, dog=yes, ...
> But is bicycle/horse/skate/dog parking allowed?  This is a discussion of
> how to tag limited access to parking, in which case you dont need to say
> what IS allowed to park there, only need to say what ISNT allowed to
> park there. (ie. anything okay except for hgv/psv).

This is a discussion about access keys and classes of vehicles. What you 
said (access=no motorbike=yes) didn't seem to refer to the problem in 
the first mail, but seemed like a general example. It's just never a 
good idea for try to tag anything other than whats shown on location.

The appropriate tagging for "nothing except passenger cars" would be 
access=no car=yes, but not hgv=no, motorcycle=no, bicycle=no, .. (trying 
to forbid anything but cars).

This would be like mapping a street by tracing all the area around it.

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