[Tagging] parking spaces limited to cars (no busses, trucks, etc.)

Stefan Bethke stb at lassitu.de
Tue May 3 10:56:27 BST 2011

Am 01.05.2011 um 15:13 schrieb Stefan Bethke:

> Am 01.05.2011 um 13:14 schrieb Sebastian Hohmann:
>> Am 29.04.2011 22:18, schrieb Stefan Bethke:
>>> It appears that people have been using "car" as a key for this
>>> purpose.  Should I use that, and add an appropriate entry below
>>> motorcar=*?
>> There is clearly a key needed for this class of vehicles, so why not just use "car".
> Martin thinks, and I kinda agree, that "motorcar" and "car" would be confusing.
> I think there's three potential ways forward:
> o  Change the meaning of "motorcar" to only refer to cars, not trucks, busses, etc.  This would require a new tag for all double tracked motorized vehicles to be introduced.  "motorcar" has been used over 200,000 times, so this would cause some confusion.
> o  Introduce a new tag for "two-tracked, small passenger vehicles". "car" would seem a natural fit, except for the potential confusion with "motorcar"
> o  Deprecate "motorcar" and introduce two new tags for "double tracked motorized vehicles" and "two-tracked, small passenger vehicles".  It is not obvious to me what these tags should be called to avoid confusion.

I've summarized the discussion in a proposal:



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