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fly lowflight66 at googlemail.com
Wed May 4 17:05:27 BST 2011

Am 04.05.2011 10:31, schrieb Richard Mann:
> Relations between adjacent ways - yuk - proximity tests between
> near-parallel ways are computationally horrible. It isn't adequate to
> just say the two are related and hope the data consumer will sort out
> the mess. The cycleway key is applied to the road to say what the
> cycle facility is on that corridor (so I use cycleway:left=track to
> say there's legitimate cycle access on the adjacent sidewalk, and
> lcn:left=track to indicate it's part of a local cycle network).


> Using highway=path just because it's shared-use - yuk. The norm in the
> UK is to use whichever of footway/cycleway feels right (basically
> cycleway if it's nice and wide, and bikes are allowed, footway if it's
> a bit narrow or bikes aren't allowed), and set access tags
> (bicycle=yes) if the default for the highway value isn't appropriate.
> highway=path is better left for the countryside. IMO - others
> disagree.

We just had a discussion on talk-de and the german community about this

The problem with footway/cycleway is that they mix access and highway.

Often their width is greater than 2m and sometimes they are used for
emergency access. I know two places in my home town where they are even
used for residential access.

The law in Germany even says, that you have to use cyleways. ( There
are exceptions, I know, but this is a thread by its own ).

For me there is now reason to use footway/cyleway at all.

Cheers fly

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