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Stefan Bethke stb at lassitu.de
Fri May 6 11:53:36 BST 2011

Am 06.05.2011 um 12:08 schrieb M∡rtin Koppenhoefer:

> 2011/5/5 Stefan Bethke <stb at lassitu.de>:
>> I've completed the draft and would like to solicit your comments:
>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Car_access_tag
>> The proposal introduces a new tag car=* that applies to just cars, and clarifies the meaning of the motorcar=* tag, which applies access=* restrictions to cars and larger vehicles like trucks, busses, etc.
> You state: "No specific legal definition is given since country
> specific or even local law does differ too widely with respect to
> vehicle classes." but how can you then determine if your car with an
> 1-axle-trailer is included or not? Or your car with a length of 6,5 ?
> Or your car which only has 2 seats and legally goes as "goods"-vehicle
> even if it is a small car?

As a driver, it is your legal obligation to be familiar with local laws and regulations.

I'm rather certain that most mappers are incapable of properly (in the legal sense) defining access restrictions, so the data that we add to the map must rely on common sense and indications that are easily verifiable, such as traffic signs.  (I encourage you to research parking restrictions in Germany for sign 1048-10, and to which vehicles they apply or don't apply.  You'll find that there's significantly diverging opinions.  OSM isn't the place to try and settle these.)

> If you introduce a new class you should define to which vehicles it
> applies. If you can't do it for all countries, do it for your country
> and let others do it for theirs.

I think you will want to watch the tone you're using.  Besides, I don't see an exhaustive list of legal vehicle classifications for any of the other access=* tags, either, so what exactly is it that you demand of me?

> Then you redefine "motorcar".

I am not redefining it, I propose clarifying what is currently documented on the access=* page.

> I am opposing the inclusion of busses and trucks in "motorcar", as I
> don't think that this is the common interpretation of this tag
> (whatever the wiki states about it). Let's undo (or revision) this
> edit:  11:39, 14 October 2010 T-i (Talk | contribs) m (12,875 bytes)
> (→Land-based transportation: adjusted hierarchy)
> typical case of wiki fiddling where the meaning of motorcar was
> extended to all those other classes. This was never intended to be
> like this.
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/w/index.php?title=Key%3Aaccess&action=historysubmit&diff=545364&oldid=542111
> I undid this, please verify.

And here's me thinking that the process is to propose a change before performing it.

Have you consulted the user who did that change?

Note that I'm not taking a position either way, since I'm lacking the background info on why the hierarchy was set up this way; hence the proposal.


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