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> Please, do not mix hunting_stands with shelter.
> Many hunting_stands do not even have a roof nor walls.
> Many are only reached by climbing up a latter.

hunting stand is just an example someone gave in the comments. it is
not really part of the proposal. if approved i probably won't put it
on the dedicated wiki page.

> shelter=yes or shelter=* could be a solution to think about.

that won't work. shelter=yes is already a sidecar tag mapped on an
element with another main key, that is not a shelter (like
highway=platform for example) to indicate that there is a shelter
somewhere, but cannot be exactly pinpointed (because for lack of
satellite images). i can't just go and give it a completely different
meaning of a refinement tag for an element mapped with
amenity=shelter. that is also one of the reasons why i didn't use
"recycling" in my recycling_type proposal.


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