[Tagging] Key "location" (was "Feature Proposal - Voting - entrance=*")

Pieren pieren3 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 15:53:56 BST 2011

2011/10/14 Kytömaa Lauri <lauri.kytomaa at aalto.fi>:
> Taginfo won't show the combinations at the moment, but location=*
> is, afaik, used on ways with man_made=pipeline and nodes tagged
> amenity/emergency=fire_hydrant.

Yes but the proposal is now to extend its usage to everything under
ground. To be honest, I'm not aware about pipelines and fire hydants
tagging but I'm concerned if I discover a tag "location=*" in many OSM
objects like buildings, shops or e.g. telephones just because they are


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