[Tagging] traffic lights

Stephen Hope slhope at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 00:43:22 BST 2011

I have no problem with some people just mapping "it has traffic
lights" and others adding more detail, if they feel a need for it.
Most people are never going to need (or have the time/knowledge to
enter) more than "there are lights here", but that doesn't mean we
shouldn't have the option for more. But if the only knowledge I have
is "there are lights here", I'd rather be able to mark that than have
to fake up some light pole positions or leave it without.

Having said that, I do have some questions about marking in detail

Should we use different tags for "this whole intersections has lights"
and "there are lights in this exact spot". My first instinct is to say
yes, so that data users can easily search for one or the other.  You
could say that any lights not on a way are one, and lights on a way
are the other, but what about overhead signals that hang over the
centre of the way/intersection?

Is there a problem with marking an intersection both ways?

Should we mark where the pole is, or where the lights are?  Many of
our traffic lights hang over the road, with the pole base off to one

Should we be somehow marking which ways the various signals control?
The same pole pole can have signals facing different directions, or
just one.


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