[Tagging] [OSM-talk] Roundabouts and routing

Bryce Nesbitt bryce2 at obviously.com
Fri Sep 9 20:03:18 BST 2011

On 09/09/2011 04:14 AM, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> 2011/9/9 Graham Stewart (GrahamS)<graham at dalmuti.net>:
>> David Earl wrote:
>>> The reason I needed such a tag was to avoid one way arrows cluttering up
>>> the map on those little Y-shaped approaches to roundabouts
That's an issue you can take up with the rendering teams.  Based on the 
length of the ways and the connections, they should be able to safely 
suppress the undesired rendering.

The routers need the right information more than the rendering packages.

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