[Tagging] lanes tag dispute

Kytömaa Lauri lauri.kytomaa at aalto.fi
Mon Sep 19 07:23:00 BST 2011

Toby Murray wrote:
>My take on lanes is that it should be the number of continuous lanes
>along a road. This impacts traffic flow and road capacity which allows
>routers to make more informed decisions. Turning lanes don't increase
>overall road capacity.

The lanes tag is not about the capacity per se, but the number of lanes.
Twisting the usage to record information only loosely related to the
number of lanes on one short section invalidates the lanes tag 
throughout the whole osm database. Even if the throughput of a
road is highly dependent on the lanes count, for proper analysis
you'll need the total number of lanes and other traffic control measures
tagged. As you noticed, the throughput is higher on a road with turning
lanes, when compared to the same road without the turning lanes. 
Btw, I'd be happy to start identifying the number of turning lanes
in concert with the total number.

The only verifiable measure is the total number of lanes wide present 
on each section. 


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