[Tagging] Use cases: where would a count of all lanes be useful?

Gerhard Hermanns hermanns at ptt.uni-due.de
Mon Sep 19 15:39:50 BST 2011

Am 19.09.2011 13:29, schrieb Nathan Edgars II:
> Can someone give an example of a case where the number of lanes, 
> including turning lanes, on a road would be more useful than just the 
> through lanes, and where another tag (such as width) would not be even 
> more useful? I'm unable to think of such a case.

Traffic simulation (e.g. by cellular automata) is a use case for this. 
At crossroads it can make a huge difference for traffic engineering to 
know if a (turn) lane can contain 3 or 30 vehicles.
To determine the "capacity" of a turn lane one would need information 
about its length - and one would get this easily if start and end point 
of the lane are known. Otherwise one would have to tag something like 
"turn_lane_left_1=xx" and "turn_lane_left_2=yy" (indicating length or 
capacity or whatever) in case of two turn lanes with different lengths.

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