[Tagging] reference_point and landmark for addresses

Felix Delattre linux at delattre.de
Wed Apr 4 16:58:45 BST 2012

Right. So I just moved to proposal to
The comments from Erik Johansson I posted on the previous proposal wiki
page in order to not forget them in the future. As Lukáš explained I
agree and as a first step i give priority to have "just" the reference
points being markable as such.

On 04/04/2012 09:15 AM, LM_1 wrote:
> Would not the problem with describing the position on the object be
> that you could still not find the reference object and thus it would
> be completely useless?
> If you have a location description referenced from "big tree" you need
> to find the big tree.
> There are multiple ways to get to the location from the reference
> point - one address can be north from big tree and south from small
> tree at the same time.
> We are used to take addresses as absolute positions, but this does not
> seem to be the case. You have absolute positions of reference points
> (should be in the map) and then use relative directions to get to the
> location - this is not an address and should not be tagged as one.
> Lukáš Matějka (LM_1)
> Dne 30. března 2012 10:11 Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>
> napsal(a):
>> What about the established tag "addr:full"? This was intended for
>> cases like this.
>> cheers,
>> Martin

On 03/30/2012 01:50 AM, Erik Johansson wrote:
> I see why you would want to tag addr:reference_point=yes instead.
> Felix do you have any examples from real life? I think you should
> start collecting them, and please use Spanish since that is what the
> addresses are written in...

Here are a some examples from real life:

Example with a usual reference point:
Nicaragua Guest House
Bello Horizonte
VI Etapa 217
Rotonda de la Virgen 2 cuadras al sur 2 1/2 abajo/west
Managua, Nicaragua

Example with a reference point, which usually would not be on a map:
Ferretería Blandón Moreno
Barrio Santa Ana.
Del Arbolito 1 1/2 cuadra al norte (al lago)
Managua, Nicaragua

Example with reference point from the past:
Colegio Filimon Ribera
Reparto Schick
De donde fue el Cine Ideal una cuadra arriba
Managua, Nicaragua
(Where Cine Ideal today is a Pizzeria)

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