[Tagging] Turn Restriction usage

Ross Scanlon info at 4x4falcon.com
Wed Apr 11 13:12:54 BST 2012

> In one case there is a road where a two way section comes to a divider
> and becomes two one way sections for a while. The suggested route came
> along one of the one way sections, then turned about 340 degrees to go
> down the other side of the road. It may be legal to do a u-turn there,
> but I don't think it's safe, or even possible for most cars. I was
> thinking about it, and many other divided road are similar where they
> split/join. Should we be putting no u-turn restrictions on these?
> There's no actual signs.

No.  The router should know not to do this. Likewise as below the router 
should not make u turns at traffic lights.

> The other thing I was wondering about is traffic lights.  Where I live,
> it is illegal to do a u-turn at an intersection with traffic lights
> unless there is a sign allowing you to. There's no signs saying not to,
> you're just supposed to know. There has been some discussion in the past
> with routers that have this sort of knowledge built in. Did anything
> come of this, or should I just start putting four turn restriction
> relations on all the traffic light intersections in my neighbourhood?
> That's going to be painful, not to mention causing a lot of road splitting.
> Stephen


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